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Your first step to your ideal smile begins at Lakeshore Orthodontics.  Our wide range of orthodontic services will help you achieve the aligned, functional and gorgeous smile you want. By improving your bite, you also reduce your risk of developing dental issues such as cavities or gum disease.

For your convenience, we have three locations in Grand Haven, Ludington and Whitehall, MI. At each office, you will enjoy a warm, welcoming and caring environment. Plus, we offer flexible payment plans with no interest and no finance fees.

Braces, Invisalign & More

Traditional Braces

Traditional metal brackets are still the most popular type of braces used during orthodontic treatment. Most teenagers actually prefer the metal brackets because they allow for the personalization of the braces using our colored elastic ligatures (“O’s”), which hold the wire into the braces. The colored elastic O’s can be changed every 5-6 weeks at the adjustment appointments. Some of the popular color combinations include school colors, neon colors, and holiday color combinations.


Clear Esthetic

Clear esthetic braces are preferred by our adult patients because of their subtlety. Dr. Charnley’s choice for an esthetic bracket is a ceramic bracket, which is cut out of a single crystal of man-made sapphire. The sapphire allows the natural coloration of the tooth to show through, camouflaging the brackets. In addition, our team uses white-coated wires that blend in with the patient’s teeth.


woman with invisalign lakeshore orthodontics grand haven mi ludington mi whitehall mi

Invisalign® consists of a series of clear, computer-generated aligners that gently and gradually shift your teeth into the correct position. The aligners are custom-created to perfectly fit your bite and to ensure each tooth is being moved into the right place. The aligners can be removed for eating and for brushing your teeth, and each one is worn for about one week before you move onto the next set.


Appliances for Growth Modification

Growth modification is a method used on patients whose jawbones are still developing, and whose upper and lower jaw bones are uneven or are not growing at the same rate. Growth modification appliances change the position, shape, length or width of the jawbone(s) to create a proper bite. Options include palatal expanders, Herbst appliances, and twin blocks. Based on your child’s individual jawbone development, Dr. Charnley will recommend the appliance and treatment regimen that will provide the best results.

Interdisciplinary Treatment

Orthognathic Surgery Preparation

Orthognathic surgery,  or corrective jaw surgery, is used to restructure jawbones that are misaligned. This surgery both improves facial structure and strengthens your speaking and chewing functions. In addition, it can result in easier breathing and swallowing. Dr. Charnley works closely with your oral and maxillofacial surgeon to provide results that cannot be achieved by orthodontics alone.

Implant Site Preparation

When a patient needs a dental implant yet does not have sufficient jawbone to complete the process, Dr. Charnley can prepare the jaw to be able to properly support an implant. Dr. Charnley works closely with your dental professional to ensure your ideal smile is achieved.

Pre-Prosthodontic Orthodontic Setups

Sometimes, before receiving a tooth replacement, orthodontic treatment is necessary to ensure the new tooth fits correctly into the bite. Dr. Charnley works closely with your dental professional to ensure any orthodontic treatment required before a dental prosthetic process is completed.

Craniofacial Anomalies

Dr. Charnley has years of experience providing treatment for those with cleft lip and palate. Left untreated, craniofacial anomalies can affect speech, eating ability, dental development and more.

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